March 5, 2015 Speech

Black men and boys killed by police.
 I can't breathe
 Impunity for the killers - no justice, no peace.
 I can't breathe
 Militarized police met peaceful protesters on their knees.
 I can't breathe.
 Weapons of war - a show of force on our streets.
 I can't breathe.

March 5, 2015 Speech

Good morning everyone, I’m Congressman Hank Johnson.

Jerry, it has been such a pleasure working with you and all the members of GALEO.   

You are a great organization that is making a huge difference.

You’re doing important work that must continue and grow!

June 20, 2014 Speech

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Rep. Henry C. “Hank” Johnson, Jr. (D-GA) today made the following statement during the hearing on “Net Neutrality: Is Antitrust Law More Effective than Regulation in Protecting Consumers and Innovation?” in the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Regulatory Reform, Commercial and Antitrust Law (RRCAL).  Rep.

August 26, 2013 Speech

WHEREAS, today we pause to recognize a virtuous woman of God whose actions, thinking  and spirit blessed the lives of the children, parents,  teachers and support staff of not only the Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy, but the hearts of citizens across America; and

April 22, 2013 Speech
Hank joins his colleagues in the Safe Climate Caucus to challenge the Republican members of the Energy and Commerce Committee to debate the nation’s response to climate change on the House floor.
April 8, 2013 Speech
Rep. Johnson gave this speech at a town hall on April 4 the Iglesia Centro Cristiano Monte Sinai in Norcross.
January 17, 2013 Speech
Marking the occasion of World AIDS Day with you is a distinct and singular honor.
June 27, 2012 Speech

napwa_photo.jpgThank you for inviting me to speak at this critically important event.
More than 1.2 million people in the United States currently live with HIV/AIDS, and more than one in five who are positive are not even aware of their status. 

November 11, 2011 Speech

Veterans Day celebration 2011

Thank you ladies and gentlemen, it's great to be with you on DeKalb's Veterans Day 2011 celebration.

Every Veterans Day, Americans come together to remember those who have served and sacrificed for our country around the world.


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