Saying Goodbye to John Lewis, Holding the Administration Accountable, Pandemic Relief & the Census

August 4, 2020

Dear Friends,


It was another busy week in Washington – from giving my final goodbyes to my colleague, mentor and friend Congressman John Robert Lewis to asking pointed questions to Attorney General Williams Barr and the CEOs from some of the world’s largest technology companies – everything I do on Capitol Hill and in Georgia I do with my constituents, consumers and working Georgians in mind.


I was honored to attend both the Capitol Rotunda service in Washington and the Ebenezer Baptist Church service in Atlanta for the late, great John Lewis. We loved John Robert Lewis and he loved us back. We will forever be in his debt. For more, click HERE.


HOLDING AG BARR ACCOUNTABLE: As part of the Judiciary Committee oversight hearing of the Department of Justice, last week I laid out a case against Attorney General William Barr to show that he has been carrying out President Trump’s wishes instead of overseeing the fair administration of justice, and that he had used his power to enable President Trump to entice his friends – particularly Michael Flynn  and Roger Stone – to cover up for him, and in so doing corrupted the process of justice. For more, click HERE. For video of the exchange, click HERE.


PROTECTING CONSUMERS: As part of my role on the Judiciary Subcommittee on Antitrust, Commercial, and Administrative Law (ACAL) last week I examined the dominance of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google, questioning Apple CEO Tim Cook about its unequal treatment of companies on its App Store, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about its practice of using digital surveillance tools to harm competition and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos about the problem of counterfeits on Amazon’s platform. For my preview of the hearing, click HERE. For more on the hearing, click HERE.


THIS WEEK: I’ll be participating in a Congressional Black Caucus Town Hall:  “Black America Counts” on the Census and its importance related to federal funding and representation. The event on Tuesday, Aug. 4 at 7 PM will educate and mobilize communities to ensure an accurate count of Black communities in the 2020 Census. The event will feature influential congressional leaders, census advocates, and organizations, including Black Alliance for Just Immigration, Census Counts, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Fair Count, and the National Urban League. To register, click HERE.


I will also be participating in the DeKalb County Juvenile Court’s “What To Do When You See Blue” on Wednesday, Aug. 5 at 6 PM with Sheriff Melody Maddox, Police Chief Mirtha Ramos, Civil Rights Attorney Chris Stewart, Defense Attorney Keith Adams and Pastor Calvin McCoy, Jr. – Judge Fatima El-Amin will moderate. To participate, click HERE at 6 PM Wednesday. Or dial in: 1-888-270-9936, code: 566754. 


PANDEMIC RELIEF: For 11 weeks, Republicans have blocked critical coronavirus relief, denying reality, ignoring the science, and prioritizing President Trump’s re-election prospects ahead of the physical and financial security of hard-working Americans. While the crisis spiraled out of control, President Trump and Senate Republicans refused to do even the bare minimum needed to crush the virus and protect struggling families. I stand ready to return to D.C. to vote on a coronavirus bill whenever the Senate acts, but we call upon McConnell to get serious about the need of working families, stop the unnecessary delays and reach an agreement that puts workers and families first. 


Below you can find quick links to resources that can help you, your family and your business get through this ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Please stay healthy and safe.




As always, I appreciate your time and feedback. Please remember you can reach me and get good information on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages by clicking the icons at the top of this e-letter. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to represent you in Congress. Please continue following CDC guidelines.

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