Honoring Our Fallen Heroes: Memorial Day 2020

May 24, 2020

Dear Friends,

Normally this time of year, I would be writing a speech for a program at the Walk of Heroes Veterans Memorial Park in Rockdale County and preparing words of encouragement for the DeKalb County Veterans Affairs Advisory Annual Memorial Day ceremony.

But this year is obviously different.

As the nation continues to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, this Memorial Day we can all take a personal, private moment to honor our fallen heroes and mark this moment despite the uncertainty.

We must all keep safety first. While social distancing practices will not allow us to attend the usual programs, parades and other events we look forward to and are accustomed to – we can do many things virtually and take this moment to reflect on the fallen with our family members and loved ones.

Even with these changes as we try to slow the spread of the coronavirus and adapt to our new norms, we must recognize the importance of Memorial Day and what it represents: The servicemembers who have demonstrated the highest form of selflessness – sacrificing their lives for our great nation.

We are forever indebted to their bravery and courage and that of their families. This Memorial Day, join me honoring these fallen heroes online and in small gatherings.

For Rockdale County’s Walk of Heroes virtual celebration, click HERE | For Gwinnett County: The ceremony can be viewed on TVgwinnettlive.com at 1 p.m. on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25. It will also be posted on the county’s Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo pages | 7 Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day 2020 at Home

Below you can find quick links to resources that can help you, your family and your business get through this tough time.


As always, I appreciate your time and feedback. Please remember you can reach me and get good information on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages by clicking the icons at the top of this e-letter. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to represent you in Congress. Please continue following CDC guidelines during this difficult time.

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