Congressman Hank Johnson's E-Newsletter for July 27, 2018

July 27, 2018
Press Release

Dear Friends,

We held an informative and excellent public discussion on the issues that Fourth District residents are most concerned about during our July 10 telephone town hall. We called 50,000 constituents to discuss the issues of the day. To listen to the live, 1-hour event, click HERE. The good news is if you missed our previous telephone town hall, I’ll be hosting another live access event on Tuesday, August 7. To sign up for this event, click HERE.  We’ll be calling between 60,000-70,000 Fourth District residents to get your thoughts and input on what you consider the most important issues of day, and what you’d like me to work on for the remainder of 2018. We had great participation in our July 10 call, and I look forward to even greater engagement on August 7. Again, to sign up for that live event, click HERE.

DIGITAL PRIVACY: The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal exposed earlier this year, in which the data of more than 50 million users was collected and used for election purposes, showed consumers lack even basic protections for their private data online. It’s incidents like these that convinced me we need modern, updated privacy laws for our online activity. Privacy is an issue that should unite us, not drive us apart. We have fully entered the era of big data, and consumers access the Internet through mobile devices now more than ever. It’s past time for our laws to reflect this reality through common-sense rules for data collection, transparency, and use. For more, click HERE.

CONSTITUENT SERVICES: I’m proud to announce my office was named as finalists in the first-ever Congressional Management Foundation’s Democracy Awards for our outstanding constituent services. While we didn’t receive first place that doesn’t really matter -- what matters are the constituents in Georgia’s Fourth and “Taking Care of Home First.” We will never forget why we are here – and that’s to serve the common good for our citizens. We look forward to continuing to do our best every day on your behalf. For more, click HERE.

SUPREME COURT PICK: I recently penned an opinion piece in The Hill newspaper on my concerns about the president’s pick to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. To read the piece, click HERE.

JUDICIARY COMMITTEE OVERSIGHT: This week and last week, I participated in House Judiciary hearings that quite frankly are not cutting it when it comes to our solemn responsibility to act as a check and balance on the executive branch. Our job on the committee is to hold the administration accountable. Unfortunately, my friends on the other side of the aisle are falling down on the job. They put forth ridiculous hearings on wild conspiracy theories claiming social media censorship of conservative content, and this week we heard from people like anti-tax ideologue Grover Norquist and representatives from the American Legislative Exchange Council, which pushes laws at the state and local level at the behest of their corporate overlords. Instead of dealing with critical issue of family reunification under the administration’s zero tolerance policy and how the Russians are continuing to interfere in our electoral process, my GOP colleagues seem to care more about whether Diamond & Silk are getting enough page views. For more, click HERE.



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As always, I appreciate your time and feedback. Please remember you can reach me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as e-mails, phone calls and letters. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to represent you in Congress.

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