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January 10, 2018

Dear Friends,

I hope and trust you had an enjoyable holiday season and a Happy New Year.

At the end of 2017, my friends on the other side of the aisle push through a massive overhaul of our tax code. They did it behind closed doors with little input and no public hearings.

It diverges so wildly from the promises made on the campaign trail by the president – who claimed he was for the working people – it is mindboggling.

This tax law mostly benefits the extremely wealthy. It blows a $2 trillion hole in the deficit created by giving tax cuts to the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans – and it fails to uplift the very families that Trump promised “would never be forgotten again.”

As the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute notes, the middle income and working people in Georgia would see minimal gains, and could expect an average annual tax cut of $260 in the short term. A tax cut of $260 seems not so bad until it’s revealed that the richest 1 percent of Georgians could expect an annual tax cut of $83,000, and millionaires could receive as much as $131,000.

Because this legislation was rushed through in darkness, communities are rightly concerned what this law means.

That’s why I’m holding a tax teach-in on Saturday, Jan. 13 from 11 AM to 1 PM at City of Lilburn Community Auditorium, 340 Main Street, Lilburn, GA 30047.

It’s part of a nationwide effort to communicate to constituents what the GOP tax plan means to families, and what it means for jobs and economic growth. We’ve invited academics, policymakers, the health care community, first responders, local governments and outside groups to participate.

For more information or to RSVP, visit Thank you and hope to see you there.

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