August 26, 2013

WHEREAS, today we pause to recognize a virtuous woman of God whose actions, thinking  and spirit blessed the lives of the children, parents,  teachers and support staff of not only the Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy, but the hearts of citizens across America; and

WHEREAS, Ms. Antoinette Tuff on August 20, 2013 gave of herself to calm and diffuse an incredibly dangerous situation that could have devastated our community and our Nation; and

WHEREAS, Ms. Antoinette Tuff talked down an armed and troubled intruder who was focused on harming elementary school children, their teachers; support staff and police officers on the scene; and

WHEREAS, Ms. Tuff stood as a citizen diplomat, cool and calm, communicating with the would be assailant, as she advocated for life, not only for the intruder and herself, but for every life in the school building on that day; and

WHEREAS, this wise woman of God shared her stories, her struggles, her trials and her triumphs, to breathe in words of encouragement and comfort, transforming  a spirit of destruction into a spirit of redemption, allowing herself to be an instrument of God ensuring that all would live to see another day; and

WHEREAS, the U.S. Representative of the Fourth District of Georgia has set aside this day to honor and recognize Ms. Antoinette Tuff for her bravery, her selflessness leadership and service not only to those students, teachers, support staff, police officers and administrators at Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy in DeKalb County, Georgia, but also for her heart and spirit that have touched our Nation and the World;

NOW THEREFORE, I, Henry C. “Hank” Johnson, Jr. do hereby proclaim August 25, 2013 as

Ms. Antoinette Tuff Day in the 4th Congressional District of Georgia.

                                                               PROCLAIMED, THIS 25th day of August, 2013.


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