Rep. Johnson delivers "I Can't Breathe" speech on House floor

March 5, 2015

Black men and boys killed by police.
 I can't breathe
 Impunity for the killers - no justice, no peace.
 I can't breathe
 Militarized police met peaceful protesters on their knees.
 I can't breathe.
 Weapons of war - a show of force on our streets.
 I can't breathe.
 Disenfranchised youth driven to violence as speech.
 I can't breathe.
 Cynical media think this makes great TV.
 I can't breathe.
 This cowardly Congress afraid of losing our seats.
 I can't breathe.
 Half-hearted reform when there's more that we need.
 I can't breathe.
 Just thinking about the despair that this breeds.
 I can't breathe.
 Black lives matter. Hear my pleas.
 I can't breathe. I can't breathe.
 I yield.

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