Justice in Policing Act is a critical first step towards changing the warrior culture of policing

June 18, 2020

Rayshard Brooks did not have to die. His life mattered. But if there is anything the past six years has taught us, it is that too many police departments and elected officials throughout the United States, the lives of black people do not matter. Rayshard Brooks needed a guardian to keep him safe. He needed a guardian whose top priority is the protection and sanctity of human life — regardless of race, gender, alienage, or sexual preference. Instead, Rayshard Brooks got a warrior, whose main priority was imposing order and punishment. Instead of a guardian, Rayshard Brooks got a warrior, who shot him in the back, imposing untold pain and suffering on Mr. Brooks’ family and friends.

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10/1/2020 214 H.R.925 Yea