2011 DeKalb Memorial Day commemoration

May 31, 2011

Monday, May 30, 2011

Good morning, it’s great to be here this morning to honor our Veterans – especially our Vietnam Veterans, who for too long were not treated with the dignity and respect they deserved.

Hank_Mr.Myers_speech.jpgAnd it’s good to be here with Senator Johnny Isakson – who co-sponsored the Senate bill that declared March 30, 2011, as “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day” That was a great piece of legislation, Senator and we are all indebted to you for making sure that Viet Nam Veterans receive their rightful honors.

CEO Burrell Ellis, thank you for all you do and for hosting this important event here at the Maloof Building. And thank you to Major General James Donald and Chaplain Tommy Thompson for being here today – gentlemen, thank you for your service.

And a special thanks to Vietnam Veteran and aviator Marvin Myers, president of the Georgia Vietnam Veterans Alliance for being here. I look forward to his address this morning.

Not a day goes by in my office without one of our constituent representatives speaking with a veteran who is dealing with a housing, health, job or compensation issue.

To all the Veterans, please know that it is an honor to serve you – You have served us so well – and now it’s our time to serve you.

Hank_Mr. Graham_speech.jpgThere’s not much in Congress we do that’s more important than serving our veterans.

As a member of the House Armed Services Committee since 2007, every day I’m inspired to work on behalf of all our military personnel and veterans.
Ensuring that quality services are being delivered to each of you is one of my greatest joys as a public servant.

I thank each of you for your service and can assure you that as long as I am in The Congress, your needs will remain a priority for me and my staff.

Memorial Day is a solemn holiday and a great opportunity for us to make it clear, we appreciate the service and sacrifice of our military and their families. 

It is a day to pause and remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and to say a heartfelt thank you to those who are still with us. 

Your service is noble and in the best traditions of our nation. Putting service before self, you have made our country strong.  You make us all proud.

So I end today with the simple, but heartfelt words…THANK YOU for your service. 


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