Rep. Johnson Slams Republican Attack on Vital Net Neutrality Protections

June 11, 2018
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman Hank Johnson (GA-04) blasted Republicans and the Trump Administration as their repeal of the vital Net Neutrality protections that safeguard the free and open Internet went into effect.  This massive giveaway to big corporate interests will saddle Georgia consumers with higher costs and less choice, throttle competition and punish small businesses.

“The Republicans’ disastrous decision to dismantle Net Neutrality is a direct assault on Georgia families, and on their pathway to the good-paying jobs of the future,” said Rep. Johnson.  “The Trump Administration is gripped by a feverish obsession with helping out their corporate and special-interest friends, and is making consumers and small business in Georgia pay the price.  It gives me pride to stand with Georgians and to speak out to defend their right to the free and open Internet.”

“The American people are making their will clear and are demanding an end to the Trump assault on net neutrality,” continued Rep. Johnson. “Yet, for six months, Speaker Ryan and House Republicans have refused to even debate restoring these protections. On behalf of Georgia families, I am fighting to cut through the Republican obstruction and to force a vote in the House to restore Net Neutrality by supporting Congressman Mike Doyle’s resolution to restore Net Neutrality.”

Republicans are giving the American people a raw deal with their brazen giveaways to big Internet providers, but Democrats are offering A Better Deal.  Democrats have a bold, ambitious and detailed plan to:

  • Safeguard the open Internet through strong Net Neutrality protections;

  • Ensure nationwide, competitive broadband options for consumers and small businesses; and

  • Expand our Better Deal for Universal High-Speed Internet to bring broadband to every neighborhood, school and farm.

“While Republicans in Washington are falling over themselves to hand massive giveaways to corporations and the wealthy, they are giving hard-working Georgians a raw deal,” continued Rep. Johnson. “Democrats are fighting in the courts and in Congress to give all Americans A Better Deal and to bring the power of the Internet to every corner of the country."   

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