Hank joins Pres. Obama on Georgia jobs tour

March 2, 2010
Press Release

Presidential address at Savannah Technical College to highlight job creation in Georgia:

SAVANNAH – Congressman Hank Johnson flew aboard Air Force One this morning to Savannah, Ga., with the President, who is delivering an address to highlight the positive impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).



Congressman Johnson joined the Presidential motorcade to Savannah Technical College, where President Obama is discussing the positive impact of the Recovery Act in Georgia and across the country.

Prior to departing for Georgia, Rep. Johnson said: “History will judge us not by the ups and downs of the partisan fray, but by the long-term effects of our policies. The Recovery Act has stabilized a crisis and laid the foundations for growth.  I am proud to be President Obama’s partner in this historic effort to revitalize the economy."

In recent months, the Recovery Act has created and saved jobs in Georgia’s Fourth Congressional District, which Congressman Johnson represents.


APHankandObamajpg.jpgHank and President Obama arrive
in Savannah on Air Force One
AP Photo / Alice Keeney


DeKalb Technical College recently received a $2 million “Health Care and High Growth Job Training” grant to teach more than 220 students critical skills as first responders for Grady Hospital and Rockdale County Fire Rescue.

Goodwill Industries in Decatur, Ga., recently announced that it will train more than 200 workers for green jobs thanks to a “Pathways Out of Poverty” grant funded by the Recovery Act.

Solar panel manufacturer Suniva in Norcross, Ga., is using stimulus funds to hire thanks in part to $5.7 million of Recovery Act tax credits.

Rockdale County public safety received $178,00 in Recovery funds to support law enforcement and keep officers on the streets.

Congressman Johnson was the first Member of Congress from Georgia to endorse President Obama and served as the President’s campaign co-chair for the state.


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