Hank on A.I.G. bonuses

March 18, 2009
Press Release

But it's symbolic of the very excesses that put us in this financial mess in the first place. To reward the executives who caused such harm with taxpayer money is just criminal. I voted against the Toxic Asset Relief Program or TARP and other bailout legislation because I foresaw potential abuses and the possibility that egregious payouts could go to undeserving executives.

Now that I see public money being spent on bonuses that are going to failed executives, it strikes at the core of my and the American people’s greatest fears about spending taxpayer money to protect greedy executives at the expense of our citizens.”

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8/24/2021 259 H.R.4 Nay
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8/24/2021 257 H.RES.601 Yea
8/23/2021 256 S.272 Yea