Congressman Johnson Statement on Voting in Favor of Oversight Committee Mark Up: Build Back Better Act

September 3, 2021
Press Release

ATLANTA, GA Congressman Hank Johnson (GA-04), member of the House Committee on Oversight & Reform, released the following statement Thursday, Sept. 2 after voting in favor of the Committee’s portion of the Build Back Better Act, which provides $7 billion for electrifying Postal Services vehicles and $5 billion to electrify Government Services Vehicles (GSA), among many other priorities:

“Today was a historic and first vote on key elements of President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, particularly around fighting climate change and improving our economy by making critical investments to transition thousands of polluting vehicles to clean, zero emission, electric vehicles. This will respond to the urgent threat of climate change while also eliminating the harmful emissions that harm public health, disproportionately harming communities of color and frontline communities. With New York and the New England under water, fires raging out west, Louisiana battered by a category 4 hurricane and the fact that this past July was the hottest month on record, it’s none too soon for this committee to act. The Build Back Better effort will deliver more jobs, cut taxes and lower costs by making the wealthiest and big corporations pay their fair share. I’m proud to cast my vote to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, transition to clean energy and begin building the fleet of the future, making the U.S government a world leader on fighting climate change.”


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10/26/2021 336 H.R.2119 Yea
10/26/2021 335 H.R.2119 Nay
10/26/2021 334 H.R.2119 Yea
10/25/2021 333 H.R.2989 Yea
10/25/2021 332 H.R.4111 Yea