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For all press inquiries, please contact Andy Phelan in Hank's district office at (770) 987-2291. If the office is closed and you are a reporter on deadline, please call Phelan's cell and leave a message at (404) 593-9126.

Official photo and biography can be found in the About Section.

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Press releases sent from Hank's personal office are posted at under press releases on this site. These press releases can also be accessed through the RSS feed.

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Date Roll Call Bill Vote
12/2/2021 401 H.R.2930 Yea
12/2/2021 400 H.R.6119 Yea
12/2/2021 399 H.R.6119 Yea
12/2/2021 398 H.R.6119 Nay
12/2/2021 397 H.RES.829 Yea