Still crippled by pandemic, Atlanta restaurants struggle to hang on

December 9, 2020
In The News

AJC: “The number of restaurants and other small businesses being forced to close their doors forever is alarming," said U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga. “It is beyond time for the Senate to work with the House to pass legislation replenishing the Paycheck Protection Program and making it more flexible so that small businesses have more ability to pay other expenses while maintaining loan forgivable status.” Like Johnson, the National Restaurant Association has also called on Congress to consider short-term assistance by authorizing another round of the PPP, and this time with greater flexibility in how the funds get used to cover operating expenses and payroll.

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Date Roll Call Bill Vote
3/3/2021 62 H.R.1 Yea
3/3/2021 61 H.R.1 Nay
3/3/2021 60 H.R.1280 Yea
3/3/2021 59 H.R.1280 Nay
3/3/2021 58 H.R.1 Yea