New Round of Indictments in Russia Probe Show We Must Work Together to Protect America

July 16, 2018

The people of America are today observing a very disturbing state of affairs for our nation.

As President Trump tears through Europe, bullying our NATO allies while injecting himself into the internal politics of the U.K. and backstabbing its elected leader Theresa May, he ominously proceeds toward a Monday meeting with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

While the American President makes a fool of himself abroad, Americans have cause for alarm.

Trump’s senseless and destructive foreign policy threatens global security, and his ill-considered, multi-front trade war threatens to destabilize the U.S. and world economies.

Meanwhile here at home, Republicans in Congress have worked with earnest diligence to undermine the Mueller Russia investigation. Over the past few weeks they have obsessed, holding salacious, marathon hearings focused on the unprofessional and unfortunate text message exchanges between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

Their aim is to establish that Strzok is biased, and such bias has turned the Mueller investigation into an out-of-control "witch hunt."

The reality that Republicans must face is that for more than a year neither Strzok or Page have had anything at all to do with the Mueller investigation.

As Congressional Republicans persist in their attempts to undermine and derail the Mueller probe, they and the American people are confronted with the reality of the stunning announcement that 12 Russian military officers have been indicted, accused of committing illegal acts that helped Trump win the 2016 presidential election.

The new indictments add to the 20 indictments already obtained by Special Counsel Mueller. Five of those indicted have pleaded guilty, including campaign adviser and top administration official Gen. Michael Flynn.

Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort sits in jail awaiting trial in two weeks after his bond was revoked for trying to influence witnesses against him. His co-defendant, former Trump campaign official Rick Gates, has pleaded guilty, and is expected to testify against his former boss.  

As President Trump spins out of control with increasing  velocity, Trump Republicans in Congress continue to allow themselves to be bullied by the Commander-in-Chief as the affairs of the nation deteriorate towards chaos.

We should all be concerned about national security as an unprepared President Trump moves toward a one-on-one meeting, alone with no aides present, with our nation’s top adversary, former KGB leader President Putin. When will Trump Republicans put blind allegiance aside and stand up for our national security, our values and the rule of law?

The gravity of this new round of indictments should be a wake up call for all Americans to come together to protect our nation from its adversaries. We should all be moved to work together, to stand firm and protect our nation from danger — even if that danger is the president of the United States himself.

I call upon Republicans in Congress to come to your senses and realize that these times require us to put aside partisanship and work together to stabilize our democracy, and restore the nation to its rightful position as leader of the free world.

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