Rep. Johnson Highlights New Report: Graham-Cassidy Trumpcare Bill Explodes Premiums of Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions

September 21, 2017
Press Release

Contact: Andy Phelan (404) 593-9126

September 21, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Rep. Johnson highlighted a new report that shows that the radical Graham-Cassidy Trumpcare bill would explode premiums for Americans with pre-existing conditions by as much as tens of thousands of dollars.

“With this extreme version of Trumpcare, Republicans are waging a war on people with pre-existing conditions,” said Rep. Johnson.  “Americans with asthma or arthritis, cancer, diabetes or depression or even pregnancy can be slapped with towering premiums.  We all have a loved one who has struggled with an illness; forcing those innocent people to pay tens of thousands of dollars just for having a pre-existing condition is utterly cruel.  I stand with the people of Georgia to fight this immoral bill.”

“Trumpcare means devastation for American families: higher costs, less coverage, key protections gutted, a crushing age tax and stealing from Medicaid,” said Rep. Johnson.  “Republicans must stop attacking the health and pocketbooks of veterans, seniors, women, working families, people with pre-existing conditions and rural communities, just to pursue their agenda of tax cuts for the high-end.  Democrats are all hands on deck to defeat the moral monstrosity of Trumpcare.”


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