Constituent Testimonial: Kayla J Gets Her Passport

October 7, 2020
Blog Post

Kayla J received her passport thanks to great constituent services“I work overseas as a science teacher. Unfortunately, a few weeks before my scheduled flight I realized my passport was missing.

"Due to Covid-19, the passport agency was delayed and was not offering the option of expediting passports. The passport agency quoted me 9 months before I would receive my new passport.

“I contacted the office of Congressman Hank Johnson to see if his office could assist with getting my passport faster than the 9 months quoted by the passport agency. A wonderful woman, Maria (Fernanda) Lancheros, came to my aid and was able to get my passport within two weeks, enough time for me to catch my flight to Kuwait.

"With Maria’s assistance, I was able to keep my job and get my passport right on time. Maria was fabulous! She stayed in contact with me and responded to all of my inquiries with urgency.

“I cannot praise Congressman Hank Johnson enough. Maria (Fernanda) Lancheros was a true Super Star.” – Kayla J.

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