Meet My Staff

Washington, D.C. Staff

Charlie Gayle -- Chief of Staff

Jacqui Kappler -- Deputy Chief of Staff/Legislative Director

Chelsea Grey -- Senior Legislative Assistant

Evelyn Knapp -- Legislative Assistant

Antwoin Monach -- Legislative Correspondent & Staff Assistant

Brianne Sparkman -- Scheduler/Legislative Counsel

District Staff

Kathy Register -- District Director

Eric Hubbard -- Outreach Director

Peter J. Butts, Jr. -- Systems Administrator/Director of Special Security/CSR

Shy Armstrong -- Veterans Affairs Specialist

Xeron Pledger -- Constituents Services/Special Projects Coordinator

Josh Smith -- Communications Assistant

Laveeta Branche -- Scheduler

Ana Moylan -- Social Security Liaison/Grants Coordinator

Maria Fernanda Lancheros -- Immigration Liaison

Kandice Williams -- Veterans

Andy Phelan -- Communications Director


Office Locations

Recent Votes

Date Roll Call Bill Vote
4/15/2021 116 H.R.1490 Yea
4/15/2021 115 H.R.1487 Not Voting
4/15/2021 114 H.R.1502 Yea
4/15/2021 113 H.R.1899 Yea
4/15/2021 112 H.R.1002 Yea